Q: How long has Bomit been doing this? 

A: Bomit has been online distributing stickers, printing stickers, promoting artists and brands, and documenting the street scene since September 2000.

Q: What stickers come in the random blind mix sticker packs?

A: Visit our Links section. These are the artists / organizations that Bomit promotes.

Q: Where should I put my stickers?

A: Get up everywhere! Preferably in highly visible outdoor spots in public spaces. -Especially electrical boxes, street poles, light posts, sign backs, skate spots, etc.

Q: How do I know that my purchase is secure?

A: Transactions are processed via Paypal/Credit Card and are handled via a Secure Server Checkout (SSL). Never make online payments without this security.

Q: How is the shipping handled?

A: We ship via USPS. All transactions are via Credit Card for your protection.

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: We will not share your information. Sensitive information such as Credit Card data is sent via Secure HTTPS connection.

Q: How do I know payment was received for my order?

A: You will receive a confirmation from Paypal. You will get another e-mail from us once your order has been shipped.

Q: How quickly will I get my order?

A: Orders are processed immediately online. Orders are shipped out twice a week.

Q: How many of the Sticker Packs can I order?

A: We limited it to only one Sticker Pack per month in the past but now you can add as many as you like to your cart.

Q: How do I know that my stickers will arrive in tact?

A: Orders go out very well packaged. We use heavyweight packing materials.

Q: Why distribute stickers?

A: To further the idea of Phenomenology, we have combined many ideas on order to create something unique: Stickers, Street Art, Graffiti, Distribution, Marketing, Counter Culture, Promotions, Music, Markers, Propaganda, Fun, Advertising, E-Zine, Bombing, Urban Sniping, Photo Gallery, Sticker Downloads, Store, Youth Culture, Design Network, Culture Jamming, Skateboarding, 24-Hour Service, Novelty Items, Link Directory, Sticker Community, Graffiti Supplies, Mailing Service, Street Team, Sticker Swap / Exchange Service, DIY Resource, Artist Hub, Buttons, Custom Printing, Underground Co-op, Stencils, Wheat Pasting, Mail Art, Postering, Wild Posting, Guerrilla Tactics, Entertainment, Graphic Design, Artist Showcase, More to come...

Q: What does Bomit mean? 

A: A combination on Vomit ("Throwing Up") and Bombing.  See our "Terms" page and the Urban Dictionary. -"Like Vomit, but Better!"