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Sticker Distribution: Bomit is well known as a Global Network that creates a big circle by sending out tons of sticker packs...  Worldwide!

Only the best mix of the best stickers go in to our random blind mix sticker packs that get sent out all over the World. 

Our Sticker Packs go out to people who are really good at putting them up where they get seen. 

Buy Sticker Packs... Support Sticker Culture... Keep the circle going.

All of the best stickers we get from our contacts out there in the sticker community go into our sticker packs. 

Blog: We keep you updated with what is going on in the Graffiti / Sticker Communities. We focus on things that happen on the streets. We mainly feature people that have made their work seen outdoors. Please contribute by posting pics of your graffiti, stickers, tags, etc. to the "Bombing Pool". Visit our "Blog" daily for the newest pics of what is happening on the streets and updates of what's going on in general. -Artist Features / Profiles, sticker Related News, Art Shows, Graffiti, etc.

Free Stickers: Our original Sticker Project! -For first timers to the whole sticker thing. 
Visitors can get a little pack of a few Slaps so they can try out putting up some stickers illegally in their neighborhood. All you have to do is to be able to cover the price of Shipping and Handling. 
Check out www.FreeStickers.org

Sticker Trades: We have been trading stickers online since September 2000 so we know what we are doing. We support Artists by collaborating with them, printing the best stickers, offsetting the printing costs as well as building and hosting different web sites and actually sending funds to help support sticker projects. 
Visit our "Sticker Swap" section to get the details on Sticker Trading.

Gallery: Upload your own photos to our "Gallery" section using Flickr. Take pictures of stuff that you see on the streets, upload to the "Bombing Pool" with your computer, and your flicks will show up on the Bomit web site right away.

Feeds: You get all of the top info / news in one place. Go to our "Updates" section to see everything that you could possibly want to know about everything that we like.

Art Shows: From the 40 oz. Art Show to the Metal Pig Art Show to the Bandana Art Show... 
We have had many successful gallery shows in Texas, New York, and California. 
It is always interesting to see some of the top artists in the game featured next to some quality newcomers. We keep a fresh outlook on things which gives our Shows a nice vibe and always generates positivity.

General Info / Background: Bomit is a portal run by a collective of artists, skaters, and sticker enthusiasts. We should thank the Bike Messenger Community for helping to things get started by getting tons of our stickers passed out and put up all over. Launched in September 2000 Bomit has been documenting the scene and has mailed out hundreds of thousands of Stickers all over the World.

Bomit started out as a hobby by a Skateboard Distributor. The idea was simply to have a Free Skateboard Sticker Mailing Service but the concept has grown, morphed, and developed in to an entire Community that generally promotes outdoor art.

As the World's largest Sticker Distribution Service, Bomit is widely considered the easiest way to get underground stickers sent to your mailbox to go out tagging. With only the mailbox to go to, we make it as simple as possible to go sticker bombing in your neighborhood.

Due to the overwhelming response to the FreeStickers.org project where thousands of dollars have been spent out of pocket / lost on Postage, we now solicit donations of Postage and ask that you support our continued efforts by buying Sticker Packs or at least covering the shipping cost.

The Free Sticker Distribution Service is offered to all those who send us Stickers which helps artists get up in other Cities. We sell Sticker Packs to help offset the cost of supplies, web hosting, and mainly to help cover the cost of Postage. The more popular that our site gets, the more we have to spend on the shipping of all of the Stickers.

The stickers that we mail out are up in every major urban area throughout the US, Canada, UK, Latin America, and Europe. Some examples can be seen at the "Bombing Pool" on Flickr where you can meet other artists and Fans with similar interests.

We always have all of the best Stickers in stock and ready to ship to your doorstep. Visitors can Buy Stickers, Sell Stickers, and Trade Stickers. You can also get inexpensive high quality Custom Stickers printed by Bomit by clicking the "Sticker" link at the top of the page. We provide the tools for today's urban artist in our store. If you are looking for exposure for your products: Stickers, Graffiti related supplies, etc. we would like to carry your items in our shop so please get in touch.

Special thanks to all of the artists and organizations that we have swapped stickers and traded art with throughout the years. -Especially those who have been so kind as to send us mega huge packs as donations so that we can keep this big circle of stickers flowing.

It is our belief that once you begin to notice such little things such as an "Andre The Giant Has A Posse" sticker, you will then start noticing graffiti, stickers, tags, etc. with an appreciation for the artists that make it all happen on the streets.

We always give props to the people that have been behind us such as Art Crimes, Obey Giant, and Wooster Collective. These are the originators of this revolutionary movement. Without them, Bomit would not exist.

If you would like to learn more about Sticker Culture / Graffiti, please check out the "Bomit Dictionary".

If you have any questions please read our "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)". 
If your question is still not answered please contact us. 
Thank You