Roms Interview

10 Questions With Roms: 

1. Oregon born and raised. Eugene and Portland's sticker scene is booming so those are the cities I like to hit up the most.

2. I've been writing for approximately 5 years. Just enough time for me to establish my own style. Still learning and whatnot, got a long way to go till I perfect my work.

3. Anywhere I can find them. Office supply stores are my go-to when it comes to generic blanks. But when I'm looking for something different I usually go to second hand stores. They always got super dope vintage shipping labels.

4. Nah not really. Romulus was one of the first names I wrote alongside a bunch of other names I had at the time. Not sure why I wrote it, just thought it was cool. Eventually I shortened it down to Rom, which eventually became Roms.

5. An insane amount of practice. I would spend hours upon hours just doodling my name on anything I could find. A lot of learning along the way, trial and error.

6. I've had a ton of inspirational throughout the years. I get most of the Inspiration for my handstyles from the ATM crew, y'know Ader, Sure and OCNSM for example. On the other hand I get most of my inspiration for my throws from a lot of the European writers. Their cartoony take on lettering is fascinating to me.

7. Just seeing all the graffiti in the city inspired me. Something about the colors and abstract shapes really pulled me in. My fascination with stickers came later.

9. Right now I'm selling my art through my Insta account. I have plans to launch a BigCartel site in the future.

10. Not entirely sure yet, just going to keep doing what I'm doing and maybe some cool stuff will happen along the way.

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